Beyond the Mordant Channel

A Whole New Archipelago

Wherein ominous loot is discovered. But, hey, loot is loot.

Our party finds that a trio of statues are markers for an ancient (maybe?) sanctuary, holding two relics – Durandal, a shortsword that makes great heroes then leads them to their deaths, and a spear point of the same make with the name “Mitra” inscribed along it’s brutally efficient blade. The party takes both, primarily out of curiosity and desire not to leave something behind for someone else to swipe. The sword and spear point are made of porcelain, though undoubtedly tougher than normal pottery. Touching the sword imparts a vision of the last owner, dying on a battlefield, with Durandal barely out of reach. Two artifacts, without a fight or an expended spell slot! Party confidence is (undeservedly) high.


Looking from the top of the island’s single hill, the party could see a grassy plain populated by angry centaurs, a swamp with a number of glittery special effects throughout, and beyond the edge of the island a smaller island followed by what could be the edge of a continent. None of these features can be seen from the mainland, so some magic must be responsible.



JustinAchilli dougzero

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