Beyond the Mordant Channel

My exile begins

Well, the first day of my exile wasn’t as bad as I imagined. I managed to find some people who also wanted to go to the island even though they are all so weird! The human guy seems alright. The dragon guy will be good to hide behind. I don’t about the alligator guy but his owl is neat! Maybe when I learn to take a wild shape, I will try for owl also!

That last “guy”… he scares me. HE’S A SKELETON Like, one of the first things I learned is the undead are bad and need to be destroyed. But the university swears by him and I know they can be trusted. And I really don’t want to piss off more people.

After landing, we found our first bit of civilization! Up on a cliff, three statues guarded some sort of alter? Temple? Vault? Anyhow, me — the leader and heroine of this group! — figured out how to open it up! I… really didn’t want to. Like, someone wanted to keep it locked up. What if the blight was in there! Well, we found some old, primitive sword with some history. All the guys (of course) decided to pick it up and experienced flashbacks of previous owners. All those owners died. Yeah, no thanks. None of us use swords, but Stacks the Skeleton wanted to keep it. I don’t know if that is suspicious or he’s just trying to look cool to other guys. Boys, I swear.

After the looting, we looked around. Ok, this is really freaky! THERE IS A WHOLE CONTINENT OFF SHORE!!! Like, we didn’t see it when we sailed here. There is no rumors about it showing up like this small island. Where did it come from?! We’re going to go check it out, which sucks because now it looks like this isn’t going to just be a couple of days. It looks like on the way there are some brutish Centaurs on the way. I’m not going to lie. I’m scared.


JustinAchilli EvelynLeigh

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